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Appears inKeen 4
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1

A Mimrock is a rock-like creature living in the Shadowlands.

Some Mimrocks in Keen 4

As a form of camouflage they resemble a large grey stone and are almost indistinguishable from these, except for the fact that while normal stones tend to be in the background, Mimrocks are closer to the screen (further into the foreground). Furthermore, if a stone is hanging over a ledge or in a similarly unusual spot, it is likely a Mimrock.

Mimrocks are protected by tough rock armored skin rather like extra tough leather. They have no external appendages or features save two eyes and feet. The eyes are only open when the Mimrock is hunting, and the feet are on the soft underside. If upended, Mimrocks can easily right themselves.

Mimrocks only move when Keen has his back turned to them as they are very cautious. When they are close enough to Keen (usually about 2–3 tiles away), they will launch themselves into the air and attempt to land their pointy end on Keen, killing him with their weight and sharpness.

Mimrocks can only be stunned while moving. When a Mimrock jumps, Keen can jump out of the way of these attacks, or walk off a cliff so the Mimrock jumps over him. This will allow Keen to shoot the moving Mimrock and stun it. A Mimrock can also be stunned if Keen stands not too close to one but facing it, shoots, and quickly turns around. This way Keen has his back towards the Mimrock, which will move and, if timed correctly, receive the shot.

It is not known how many of the rocks littering the Shadowlands are dead or sleeping Mimrocks, possibly all of them as gray rock formations are only seen in mountainous areas. It is possible then that they evolved their forms in the mountains, then used the dead bodies of their compatriots on the plains as additional camouflage, allowing them to extend their range.

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