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Appears inKeen 4, Keen GBC
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatInvincible (4) / 1 (GBC)

Berkeloids are floating creatures native to Gnosticus IV, specifically the Shadowlands. They float about levels, occasionally hurling large fireballs which become deadly obstacles and take some time to dissipate.

They are named after Ryan Berke, a fan who wrote id Software. He had a dream about Keen being attacked by fire monsters.[1][2]

The in-game help text states: This fiery fella is not to be toyed with. He throws big fireballs!

Physiology and Behaviour

Berkeloids are floating creatures formed entirely of fire. They consist of a large abdomen from which the fire originates, which grows into a narrower head as well as two arms. They have no appendages resembling legs, as they float above the ground. Berkeloids have two large white eyes and no visible mouths. Their arms end in hands which lack apparent digits, as their only purpose is to throw fire which originates from their own bodies.


Berkeloids float above the ground, usually near to patches of fire. This ability makes maneuvering around them by jumping an impossibility without the assistance of platforms, and using the Pogo stick near them is hazardous. Contact with the Berkeloid kills Keen instantly. Berkeloids are also unaffected by Commander Keen's Neural Stunner.

The Berkeloid's main form of attack is hurling large fireballs about the area. These stay on the ground for a few seconds before extinguishing. If Keen comes into contact with these projectiles while in the air or while they burn on the ground, he is killed.


This creature can be found in the following locations.

Location Easy Normal Hard
Isle of Fire Y Y Y

Appearance in Keen GBC

Berkeloid GBC.png

Also appearing in Keen GBC, Berkeloids are smaller than in Keen 4 and are now vulnerable.

The description in the Keen GBC manual is slightly different from that in the Keen 4 one:

This fiery fella is not to be toyed with. He throws big fireballs, and is tough to kill.

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