Treasure Eater

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Treasure Eater
Treasure Eater.png
Appears inKeen 4
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeat1
A Treasure Eater in Keen 4

The Treasure Eaters are enemies found in Keen 4, in the Shadowlands of Gnosticus IV.

Treasure Eaters can only be found in the Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients. They are large, red and quite spherical. They cannot walk and prefer to hop about. When they need to move larger distances they will teleport themselves, often with a shrill giggle. They live mostly off of candy that they will go to any lengths to steal.

If Keen does not defeat any Treasure Eaters in the Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients, they will end up stealing the green gem needed to rescue the Council Member, and Keen will have to start the level over again.

As these creatures are not listed in the in-game help, they have also been known as Smirky (for their constant smiling and giggling) and Gnosticene Ancients (for the level name where they can be found), but Tom Hall has stated: [1]

I believe they are Treasure Eaters.... I'd have to locate my original drawing... Not my best name in the series, but that's what they were there for!

Modding info

Treasure eaters will only take another hop if they see four consecutive tiles to their immediate right or left that are top blocking. If they cannot make another hop twice, then they will teleport to the next piece of Candy. They will search for candy and lifewater, and if it has all been collected, then they will disappear. They always select the first piece of candy that they see in the sprite list, (which is generally the top-left most piece of candy remaining). If Keen is given the power to teleport (by patching with CKPatch) he too will steal the same candy and will disappear when it is removed. The type of sprite that Treasure Eaters seek, and the number of unavailable moves they sense before teleporting can be patched. See Patch:Treasure Eater for further details.

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