Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter!

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Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter!
Keen 6 title.png
Release dateNovember, 1991
Secret levels1
Download/buyNot available for purchase
Demo (v1.0)

Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter! takes place some time after "Goodbye, Galaxy!", and is a major change from the normal plot of the games. The story of the game occurs under the idea that Mortimer McMire is attempting to distract Keen from his plotting to destroy the universe, which would have ultimately occurred in The Universe Is Toast. Mortimer convinces a dim-witted race of creatures called the Bloogs, who dwell on Fribbulus Xax, a planet in a faraway corner of the Galaxy, to kidnap Keen's babysitter Molly in exchange for the Stupendous Sandwich of Chungella IV.

This game runs on an engine that is slightly updated from "Goodbye Galaxy"'s, and utilizes more capabilities for slanted platforms and other new features including updated sound effects and new music. Keen must collect various items all across the planet to progress in the game, which provides a new mechanic.

The game is, however, famous for the abnormally large number of glitches present during gameplay. In certain parts of the game, Keen can fall through walls and platforms, and also present is the famous Impossible Bullet glitch. In addition, saving in certain locations can freeze or crash the game, and even warp Keen to a different location...

Unfortunately, this game is no longer legally available anywhere to purchase, unless bought second-hand. Although the other five episodes have been made available for a US$5 download, and Keen 1, Keen 4, Keen Dreams, and a demo version of this episode are available for free shareware distribution, this game is not legally downloadable anywhere at present.

Episode details


The game

Stupendous Sandwich of Chungella IV.png

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Behind the scenes

  • What's that song?
  • Does this episode have any bugs in it?
  • Are there different versions of this episode?
  • How did they develop this episode?

Beyond the norm


These items are found in this episode.


The following creatures and hazards are found in this episode.

  • Babobba.png
    A baby Bobba.
  • Bip.png
    Tiny yellow creatures that control Bipships and moving platforms, and are easily squashed.
  • Bipship.png
    A flying saucer piloted by a Bip.
  • Bloog.png
    A large green bird.
  • Blooglet.png
    A harmless young Bloog, some of which carry Gems.
  • Blooguard.png
    A stronger Bloog that can momentarily stun you by slamming its club onto the ground.
  • Blorb.png
    A floating red blob.
  • Bobba.png
    A large red one-legged creature.
  • Ceilick.png
    A creature that hides in ceilings.
  • Flect.png
    A creature that will reflect your shots back at you.
  • Fleex.png
    A creature with many eyes.
  • Gik.png
    A yellow creature that you can walk on.
  • Grabbiter.png
    A creature blocking your way through Fribbulus Xax.
  • Nospike.png
    A creature with a large spike that will charge at you.
  • Orbatrix.png
    A large flying, bouncing eye.


Fans have modified the Commander Keen games to produce new games. A few recent mods are shown here, but there are 10 mods for this episode.

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