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This is a list of all the levels in Keen 6. The level numbers are used with the F10+W cheat and the text is what appears on the screen when Keen enters each level.

Some levels and level areas have a sign with a red flashing hand. This indicates a dangerous level or area that is not necessary to complete the game or the level.

Overhead Map

Main Levels

A graph showing the order in which the levels must be played.
Bloogwaters Crossing.png
1. Keen hops across Bloogwaters Crossing
Guard Post One.png
2. Keen fights his way through Guard Post One
First Dome of Darkness.png
3. Keen crosses into the First Dome of Darkness
Second Dome of Darkness.png
4. Keen dares to enter the Second Dome of Darkness
5. Keen foolishly enters the Bloogdome
Bloogton Manufacturing.png
6. Keen makes his way into Bloogton Manufacturing
Bloogton Tower.png
7. Keen ascends Bloogton Tower
Bloogfoods, Inc..png
8. Keen hungily (sic) enters Bloogfoods, Inc.
Guard Post Two.png
9. Keen smashes through Guard Post Two
10. Keen seeks thrills in Bloogville
Bloog Aeronautics and Space Administration.png
11. Keen rockets into the Bloog Aeronautics and Space Administration
Guard Post Three.png
12. Keen boldly assaults Guard Post Three
Bloogbase Recreational District.png
13. Keen whoops it up in the Bloogbae Recreational District (sic)
Bloogbase Management District.png
14. Keen purposefully struts into the Bloogbase Management District
Bloog Control Center.png
15. Keen bravely enters the Bloog Control Center , looking for Molly
Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket (Keen 6 Level).png
17. Keen returns to the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket

Secret Levels

Blooglab Space Station.png
16. Keen warily enters Blooglab Space Station

Inaccessible Levels

High Scores (Keen 6 Level).png
18. Keen is in the High Score screen. Call Id!