Bloog Control Center

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Bloog Control Center
Bloog Control Center.png
GameKeen 6
Level number15
LocationBloogbase orbiting Fribbulus Xax
Collectibles[[Has collectible::Molly]]
Dimensions80 x 90 tiles
Total points89,300
Total ammo21 Neural Stunners21 ammopack <br />21 VorticonHyperPistol <br />21 Pistol <br />21 SuperFlowerPower <br />21 Raygun <br />
Extra lives3
Map of the Bloog Control Center

The Bloog Control Center is the final level in Keen 6. Though it has many perils, it is easy to pass.


First, near the west end of the first room, drop down off the Goplat (moving platform) to a platform with a blue Blooglet on it. Stun the Blooglet. It will drop a blue gem. Grab it, then go in the west door. Look up. You will see a green Blooglet running rampant on a platform. Stun it, and grab the green gem it drops. Then, go back to the lower area and go in the first door from the left and repeat the previous step, except that the Blooglet is yellow, and it will drop a yellow gem. After that go in the third door from the left.

In the next room, walk right, then jump up the platforms, then go in the door. In this room, stun every red Blooglet until one eventually drops a red gem. Grab it, then jump, avoiding the lasers, and head right. You are now in the final room. Climb up the giant purple stone Bloog claws and eyeballs to find a ledge with four gem holders. Place your gems in the holders. Above, you will see a bound woman. That is Molly, Keen's babysitter. Find a way to get up atop that platform and rescue Molly to finish the game.

Miscellaneous info

  • There are a total of 89,300 points in this level. That means 34 Bloog Sodas, 82 Ice Cream Bars, 7 Puddings, 4 Root Beer Floats, 6 Banana Splits and 10 Pizza Slices (3,400 + 16,400 + 3,500 + 4,000 + 12,000 + 50,000 = 89,300). There are no Vivas, but there's a secret area that has three Queen Vivas in it.
  • The aforementioned secret area in right above the beginning of the level. It can be accessed by dropping down under the glowing orbs (there's a gap between them), and pressing Up anywhere in the area underneath - every tile down there is connected to a secret shaft that will give access to the secret area. There are a lot of points, ammo, and the extra lives in it.