Blooglab Space Station

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Blooglab Space Station
Blooglab Space Station.png
GameKeen 6
Level number16
LocationOrbiting Fribbulus Xax
Dimensions73 x 64 tiles
Total points110,100
Total ammo6 Neural Stunners6 ammopack <br />6 VorticonHyperPistol <br />6 Pistol <br />6 SuperFlowerPower <br />6 Raygun <br />
Extra lives1
SongInto the Future
Secret Level!
Map of the Blooglab Space Station

The Blooglab Space Station is a secret level in Keen 6. This level can only be reached by riding across on a satellite from the Space Fortress. It contains a complete translation of the Standard Galactic Alphabet into English.

The Blooglab Space Station may have been built with the intention of being a research station, but the Bloogs clearly do not use it that way. Instead, it is filled with Blorbs, Orbatrices and Blooglets. Flects may also appear on harder difficulties. Interesting enough, Keen begins right under the exit, yet he must go around the whole level in order to reach the final switch: this activates a platform that will safely bring him to the exit.

The Blorbs are very dangerous foes in here. On Easy, only three of them appear, namely those outside the level. On harder difficulties, they are present in more rooms (for example, the green gem room or the area with the extra life).

Miscellaneous info

  • The secret area with the SGA translation and the exit both require a platform riding. The former platform takes Keen back to the main part of the level, the latter will help him get over the drills just before the exit. These platform do not return to their starting points, meaning that if Keen misses any of them, the level cannot be completed without cheating. The same problem can be found in BASA.
  • There are no less than 110,100 points in here. It means 19 Bloog Sodas, 41 Ice Cream Bars, 4 Puddings, 7 Root Beer Floats, and 13 Banana Splits and Pizza Slices equally (1,900 + 8,200 + 2,000 + 7,000 + 26,000 + 65,000 = 110,100). There are 40 Vivas to be collected, also there's a single Queen Viva above the large acid pool.