Bloog Aeronautics and Space Administration

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Bloog Aeronautics and Space Administration
Bloog Aeronautics and Space Administration.png
GameKeen 6
Level number11
LocationFribbulus Xax
Dimensions174 x 34 tiles
Total points33,600
Total ammo3 Neural Stunners3 SuperFlowerPower <br />3 Pistol <br />3 VorticonHyperPistol <br />3 Raygun <br />3 ammopack <br />
Extra lives0 (2 unreachable)"(2unreachable)" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 0.
SongInto the Future
Map of the Bloog Aeronautics and Space Administration (BASA)

The Bloog Aeronautics and Space Administration (abbreviated as BASA on the status screen) is a level in Keen 6. It's a quite straightforward level with two sections. In the first part, Keen must reach a switch to activate a platform that will take him safely to the second part. There are two especially large bridges with glowing orbs below them in the second part, so switches must be flipped to close these, then Keen may safely proceed further in the level. Below the intersection between the bridges is an alcove with unreachable extra lives that may be collected by cheating only.

In both parts of the level, there's an acid pool with Giks walking over them. Over the first one is the yellow gem, whilst the second one contains point items - collecting these require a ride on the Gik, otherwise the switch next to the pool will close the bridge above, leaving the items inaccessible.

This is the first level where the Orbatrices appear. Interesting enough, there are no Bloogs at all, only a few Blooglets. The main enemies are the Fleex in the second part. It's possible that the office work in the BASA needs the Fleex to be done, rather than the Bloogs.

Miscellaneous info

  • The platform connecting the first and the second part does not return to it's starting point, meaning that if Keen misses it, the level cannot be completed without cheating. The same problem appears in Blooglab Space Station.
  • There are a total of 33,600 points in the BASA, but one Pudding (worth 500 points) is hidden with the two Queen Vivas in the secret alcove, rendering it inaccessible without cheating. It should be 43 Bloog Sodas, 69 Ice Cream Bars, 13 (12) Puddings, 7 Root Beer Floats and 1 Banana Split: 4,300 + 13,800 + 6,500 (6,000) + 7,000 + 2,000 = 33,600 (33,100). Additionally, there are 44 Vivas scattered around.
  • Character appearances: Blooglet, Fleex, Gik, Orbatrix.