Keen 6 Hazards

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This is a list of all the hazards in Keen 6. A hazard is something that damages Keen, but is not a creature.

Keen6 glowing orb.png
Glowing Orb – these are glowing hot spheres that are ubiquitous on Fribbulus Xax. Their purpose is unknown, although they seem to just be traps of some kind.
Keen6 spikes.png
Spikes – As in the Shadowlands, spikes are commonly used as deadly traps on Fribbulus Xax, both in the planet's surface, and underground (as stalagmites). Some spikes appear to be growing the purple wormlike plants that fill much of the planet's underground.
Keen6 acid.png
Acid pools – spills of lethal acid and toxic waste are common in the factories of Fribbulus Xax, although they can be seen in other places as well. There are often ways of getting past them.
Keen6 pounder.png
Pounders – also known as smashers, these are built along hallways and conveyor belts in factories. Though they are generally intended for functional purposes, they also double as dangerous hazards.
Keen6 electrodes.png
Electrodes – Many places on Fribbulus Xax are fitted with electrode towers to guard doors and important items. They work in one of two ways: either they shoot a deadly arc of electricity that extends from floor to ceiling at regular intervals, or they remain on until a switch is thrown. Either way, you do not want to touch an active one.
Keen6 cannon.png
Cannons – as on the Omegamatic, blaster cannons are fitted on walls, ceilings, and floors in many installations as defense measures. The cannons in themselves are harmless, but the purple bolts they shoot are lethal.
Keen6 drill.png
Drills – Like spikes in their function, large drill heads are placed on floors and used as traps. They cut very effectively, so do not touch one!
Keen6 flame.png
Flame projectorsBloogfoods, Inc. is the only place to include these objects. They are designed as exhaust ports, but the columns of fire that burst out are quite deadly.
Keen6 nuclear rod.png
Radioactive rods – Periodically, Keen will encounter a pit with three glowing and extremely unstable rods of radioactive material. They are parts of reactors in factories, cities, and other installations, but, left exposed to air, they are very dangerous to touch.