Bloogwaters Crossing

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Bloogwaters Crossing
Bloogwaters Crossing.png
GameKeen 6
Level number1
LocationFribbulus Xax
Dimensions148 x 40 tiles
Total points16,400
Total ammo3 Neural Stunners3 ammopack <br />3 VorticonHyperPistol <br />3 Pistol <br />3 SuperFlowerPower <br />3 Raygun <br />
Extra lives1
SongFaster and Faster Yet!
Map of Bloogwaters Crossing

Bloogwaters Crossing is the first level in Keen 6. It is among the most linear levels in Commander Keen, with all movement restricted to moving right, not counting climbing trees for points.

There are few hazards in the level. Apart from the few Bloogs in the level, the most prominent danger is the frequent hops over water that Keen must perform. (Interestingly, it is the only level in Keen 6 where water can be found.) There is also a small bed of spikes, and a lone Babobba on normal and hard difficulty. The Blooglets in the level generally do not pose much of a threat as they are not usually near hazards in this level.

At the very beginning, there is a Queen Viva in the sky. It can be reached by a moving platform, however the only way to get onto the platform lies at the end of the level (so the player must work their way through the level to the third tree from the end, wait for the platform, then ride it back to the start to collect the Viva.) A less traditional way to reach it is to "impossible bullet" up to it, however this is considered cheating by most people.

Miscellaneous info

  • There is a secret compartment in the wall across the gap right before the switch.
  • There are a total of 16,400 points in this level. That means 3 Bloog Sodas, 43 Ice Cream Bars, 3 Puddings and 6 Root Beer Floats (300 + 8,600 + 1,500 + 6,000 = 16,400). No Banana Splits or Pizza Slices are to be collected. The total number of Vivas is 26. The single Queen Viva is in the aforementioned place.
  • Character appearances: Blooglet, Bloog, Babobba (on normal and hard difficulty level only)