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Appears inKeen 6
Harms Keen?Yes, when awake
Shots to defeat1

The Babobba are baby Bobba, and call for little comment except for the fact that unlike their larger (and rarer) parents, they are easily stunned and their fireballs are more like glowing coals, falling to the ground and quickly extinguishing.

A Babobba having a nap

Since they are quite young they become tired after jumping around for a while and take frequent naps (although it is not known where they hide their blankets — perhaps they swallow them, but the less said about the other possibilities the better.) While napping, Babobbas are harmless. They are found in many places on Fribbulus Xax, but seem to prefer cool forested areas and places without too much sunlight. There are a few places where the Bloogs seem to have placed them in their own buildings, possibly as defense measures.

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