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GameKeen 6
Level number10
LocationFribbulus Xax
Dimensions100 x 90 tiles
Total points104,500
Total ammo11 Neural Stunners
11 ammopack
11 VorticonHyperPistol
11 Pistol
11 SuperFlowerPower
11 Raygun
Extra lives0
SongFaster and Faster Yet!
Map of Bloogville

Bloogville is the largest city on Fribbulus Xax, though its population of adult Bloogs is surprisingly small. Most of the city's residents are Blooglets, Ceilicks, and numerous Giks. A Flect is present on Normal and Hard. Of note is the fact that the city contains a small indoor forest, possibly an arboretum.

Miscellaneous info

There are a total of 104,500 points in here, including 62 Bloog Sodas, 99 Ice Cream Bars, 5 Puddings, 26 Root Beer Floats, 5 Banana Splits and 8 Pizza Slices (6,200 + 19,800 + 2,500 + 26,000 + 10,000 + 40,000 = 104,500). There are 68 Vivas, but no Queen Vivas to be collected.