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Appears inKeen 6
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1
A Ceilick in Keen 6

Ceilicks are mischievous purple worm-like creatures found on and under the planet of Fribbulus Xax. They use their incredibly sharp teeth to bore holes through soil, solid rock, and even buildings. Shunning light, Ceilicks will spend their time hidden in their holes with only the tip of their tongue protruding, waiting for small prey species to happen by and be consumed. Ceilicks seem to enjoy licking at things, as is evidenced by their habit of emerging from their holes and giggling deviously. This is also their weakness: doing so exposes them to attack should their intended targets escape. In some places on Fribbulus Xax, notably Bloogville, they can infest large areas of ceiling and often form clusters. It is possible, though, that they are planted there intentionally by the Bloogs. Larger creatures are groomed ferociously for any possible attached parasites or edible debris or, most commonly, just for the heck of it. Sadly, as the Ceilick's tounge is highly toxic to non-native species, visitors to Fribbulus Xax can be unintentionally harmed by these otherwise peaceful creatures. This fact was probably exploited by the Bloogs, who knew that Ceilicks would kill intruders were they to lick them. When Keen looks down, he bends over, thus having a chance to not get killed by a Ceilick.

Not to be confused with a member of the Keen Community, whose name is also Ceilick.

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