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GameKeen 6
Level number5
LocationFribbulus Xax
Dimensions64 x 117 tiles
Total points114,000
Total ammo7 Neural Stunners7 SuperFlowerPower <br />7 Pistol <br />7 VorticonHyperPistol <br />7 Raygun <br />7 ammopack <br />
Extra lives0
SongThe Mambo Snake Gonna Eat You, Boy!
Map of the Bloogdome

The Bloogdome is one of three mysterious "dome" levels on Fribbulus Xax. It is quite different from the other two, however. The Bloogdome is a black dome-shaped building covered in large steel spikes. The entrance is graced with a flashing red hand, implying that completing the level is unnecessary to win the game and that there are hazards inside. The dome serves no known purpose, but is the only place where Nospikes are found. It is possible that the dome is meant to serve as a habitat to the Nospikes, but that would not explain the name of the level.

Although the Bloogdome is walled mostly with the blue metal plating seen in the guard post levels, all the floors are the brown and purple soil seen all over Fribbulus Xax. There is also a large underground area which bears the strange purple organic texture commonly seen underground. This underground area contains nothing necessary to complete the level, but has a lot of points, as well as beds of spikes. Much of the rest of the level is not needed to finish it. For the most part, these extra areas are not too far out of the way (the underground being an exception), although they tend to be hazardous.

Miscellaneous info

  • An interesting bug in the Bloogdome is that Keen can climb into the gray area surrounding the dome. This serves no practical purpose and will leave Keen stuck inside without the jump cheat activated, but makes for an interesting trick.
  • There are a total of 114,000 points in this level. That means 21 Bloog Sodas, 27 Ice Cream Bars, 3 Puddings, 25 Root Beer Floats, 5 Banana Splits and 14 Pizza Slices (2,100 + 5,400 + 1,500 + 25,000 + 10,000 + 70,000 = 114,000). There are no less than 82 Vivas in here, but no Queen Vivas at all.
  • Some items appear to be simply unreachable due to the level's composition (namely the items near the mines above the exit, and in the closest alcove). Cheating or the Impossible Bullet is recommended to get these.