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Appears inKeen 6, Keen GBC
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat4 (6), 1 (GBC)
A Nospike chasing Keen

Nospike are blue, armless creatures found on Fribbulus Xax. They have short and stubby legs which are nonetheless quite powerful, allowing them to charge at speed, which they often do, without warning. Nospike are named for the large horn or spike on the middle of their faces. (This was said to be their nose, but it is not, since they cannot smell.) The name is most likely a contraction of nose and spike.

Nospike are hostile creatures that prey on larger species by impaling them on their horns. They can become so engrossed about charging that they will even run straight off a cliff, plummeting to their end below if their prey does as little as jumps or steps aside during their charge.

Appearance in Keen GBC

Nospike GBC.png

Nospike also appear in Keen GBC, acting almost identically to their Keen 6 counterparts.

The game manual describes them as the following:

These blue fellows walk around until they find something to charge at. But even charging, their favorite pastime, will bore them after a bit. Watch out for their fearsome horn!