First Dome of Darkness

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First Dome of Darkness
First Dome of Darkness.png
GameKeen 6
Level number3
LocationFribbulus Xax Underground
CollectiblesGrappling Hook
Dimensions80 x 100 tiles
Total points101,100
Total ammo6 Neural Stunners6 ammopack <br />6 VorticonHyperPistol <br />6 Pistol <br />6 SuperFlowerPower <br />6 Raygun <br />
Extra lives1
SongThe Mambo Snake Gonna Eat You, Boy!
Map of the First Dome of Darkness

The First Dome of Darkness is the first of two domes in the underground of Fribbulus Xax. It contains the Grappling Hook, which is necessary to get over a cliff. The dome's structure is rather simple when compared to the Second Dome of Darkness, mainly consisting of an elevator shaft and a large storeroom underground. This area is optional and lots of patience is needed to collect everything as it's full of hazards.

Miscellaneous info

  • There is a secret compartment in the ceiling of the lower half (the storeroom). The lowest of two boxes in the right of the top half also contains a secret.
  • Although the total points are 101,100 in the level, 600 of these are inaccessible without cheating, because they are trapped in a secret area encased in solid tiles. It should be 30 Bloog Sodas, 53 (50) Ice Cream Bars, 9 Puddings, 19 Root Beer Floats, 2 Banana Splits and 12 Pizza Slices: 3,000 + 10,600 (10,000) + 4,500 + 19,000 + 4,000 + 60,000 = 101,100 (100,500). There are 51 Vivas scattered around, and there's one Queen Viva in the underground storeroom.
  • You can climb on the black lining of the dome. There is a moving platform in the upper left corner, leading to Vivas and a Pizza Slice.
  • Character appearances: Blooglet and Flect (Normal and Hard difficulty)