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Appears inKeen 6
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatImmortal
Grabbiter waiting for his lunch.

The Grabbiter is a unique, large creature which is seen on Fribbulus Xax.

Almost the whole body of the Grabbiter is purple and pink. He bears resemblance to a giant purple fish with arms and red claws. Strangely, he is also akin to a purple heart with a large tear down the middle. His mouth divides his body into two halves.

Whether or not he is a plant, which is suggested by his static nature and his resemblance to a Venus Flytrap, is unknown. However, it is almost sure that he possesses a brain. He uses his mouth not only to consume food, but also to interact with Keen through verbal communication — he is able to speak English.

The Grabbiter is seen on the world map only, making him one of the few non-combat creatures. Furthermore, he is a vital game play element which forces the player to visit a certain stage of the game before they can advance on the map. In order for him to fall asleep, and thus to get past him, Keen has to provide him with the unique Stupendous Sandwich of Chungella IV which can only be found in Bloogfoods, Inc.. The Grabbiter says that he will reveal a "secret" to anyone that brings him a snack. The secret is the fact that he will fall asleep after being fed.

The name Grabbiter is a portmanteau of "to grab" (hints at his claws) and "to bite" (-> biter, hints at his ridiculously large mouth).

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