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This is a list of easter eggs (intentionally hidden messages and functions) in Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter!


The translation for the entire Standard Galactic Alphabet is hidden in the Blooglab Space Station through a secret passage at the bottom of the level. You will need to activate a Goplat to reach it.

Code Cracker

In the Bloog Control Center, you can hear this Morse code playing in the background music: SOS SOS DE KEEN SOS SOS K. DE KEEN is morse-speak for "this is Keen" and K means "I am listening" (for a response).

Like Grandfather...

A possible homage to Keen 6, the status screen after every level of Wolfenstein 3D shows Billy's grandfather holding his Parabellum-Pistole similar to how Keen holds his Neural Stunner on the title screen (albeit mirrored). Both games were created by id, Keen 6 in 1991 and Wolfenstein 3D in 1992.

To Serve Man


In Bloogfoods, Inc., next to the sandwich is a book in a case. The book is labeled "To Serve Man" in SGA and is obviously a reference to that most famous of Twilight Zone episodes,"To Serve Man"

Keen Mirror

Although not a true Easter Egg but a clever hoax is is widely believed that in the secret shaft of the Second Dome of Darkness, if you press up at a part while riding the moving platform, you'll be taken to a secret area that contains a window with a walking Commander Keen and a SGA sign that is translated as "ICU". This is because of a rather well done video.