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Appears inKeen 6
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatCan be squashed

Bips are very small yellowish creatures. They are unobtrusive and do not worry Keen when controlling moving Goplats in dynamic patterns; however, when piloting Bipships, they can be deadly. Once the Bipship is shot down, they become harmless and are easily squashed underfoot. While controlling moving Goplats, they cannot be shot or exterminated in any way and appear in many levels and places in Keen 6.

A Bip in Keen 6

The intelligence of Bips is debatable; while they do little more than sit and observe, they do so while riding on, and possibly controlling, a large number of devices such as moving platforms. It is thus possible then that they had a hand in their construction, or may be slaves to their constructors. It is said that they "happened to hook up with the Bloogs", implying that their species do not form solid alliances. It is then unknown whether they will continue to serve the Bloogs, or will move on to other worlds.

Bips are probably related to the Bipidri, a race of very small yellowish (or, very rarely, red) creatures found in the Anachronox universe, who are kept for pets, workers, or even food by the larger races. Tom Hall was the designer of Anachronox.

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