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Spot as seen in the ending sequence of Keen 2.

Spot is Keen's pet Yorp he brought home from Mars. It is revealed at the end of Keen 1 that he has brought the Yorp home as his mother screaming asks what the "one-eyed green thing" in his room is. The second time Spot is seen is in the ending sequence of Keen 2. Spot's name, though confirmed by Tom Hall[1], is never mentioned in the story, however in the finale picture in Keen 2 Spot is found outside the house with his name written on a bowl filled with dog food. Spot can also be seen in the background image of the scrolling story in Keen 4. Spot may be one of the Yorps that can be seen in the demo version of Keen 6.

Spot sleeping in the garden (background image for the Keen 4 scrolling story)


  • Keen 2 ending sequence
  • Keen 4 scrolling story
  • see also Norp for appearances in mods and fangames


  1. "It's Spot, really. Billy was probably trying to give his parents something normal to hold onto since they let him keep a one-eyed alien as a pet. :)" - email response to PCKF member query.