Canteloupe Cart

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Canteloupe Cart
Canteloupe Cart.png
Appears inKeen Dreams
Harms Keen?Yes, when pushing Keen into a wall
Shots to defeatImmortal

Canteloupe Carts are rainbow colored fast-moving carts, somewhat resembling roller-coaster carts, found in several levels in Tuberia in Keen Dreams, notably Melon Mines. They will move back and forth allowing Keen to stand on them to avoid ground-level hazards.

These vehicles do have the uncanny ability to push Keen into hazards, similar to other creatures throughout the series, such as Yorps. Alone, they normally cause no harm to Keen, except when he stands next to a wall where a Canteloupe Cart can squash him.

Their description in the in-game help reads:

These can take you over dangerous areas, but don't let them smash you into walls!

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