Boobus' Chamber

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Boobus' Chamber
Boobus' Chamber.png
GameKeen Dreams
Level number15
Total points0
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + 00 FlowerPower <br />0 PistolShot <br /> individual shots
Extra lives0
Map of Boobus' Chamber

This is the final "boss" level of Keen Dreams. To be able to enter it, the player must have 12 Boobus Bombs, which are used to kill King Boobus Tuber.

When the player presses the fire key, a Boobus Bomb is fired instead of a Flower Power. Once 12 of these have hit King Boobus Tuber, he explodes, and the game is won.

The boss is easier to defeat if the player waits for 3 seconds after entering the level, and then rapidly fires Boobus Bombs.