Keen Dreams Levels

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This is a list of all the levels in Keen Dreams. The level numbers are useful when using the warp cheat to quickly access a level.

Overhead Map

Main Levels

Horseradish Hill.png
Level 1: Horseradish Hill
The Melon Mines.png
Level 2: The Melon Mines
Bridge Bottoms.png
Level 3: Bridge Bottoms
Rhubarb Rapids.png
Level 4: Rhubarb Rapids
Parsnip Pass.png
Level 5: Parsnip Pass
Spud City.png
Level 7: Spud City
Apple Acres.png
Level 9: Apple Acres
Grape Grove.png
Level 10: Grape Grove
Brussels Sprout Bay.png
Level 12: Brussels Sprout Bay
Squash Swamp.png
Level 14: Squash Swamp
Boobus' Chamber.png
Level 15: Boobus' Chamber
Castle Tuberia.png
Level 16: Castle Tuberia

Secret Levels

Level 6.png
Level 6: Level 6  – this level appears as level 6, 8, 11 and 13, and appears to be some kind of incomplete or place-holder level. The only known way to access it is by using the warp cheat.