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Appears inKeen 5
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatImmortal

Spirogrip are yellow hand-like aliens found on the Omegamatic in Keen 5 with a single, large eye.

The official help text states:

The spirogrip spins and launches toward walls. If you're in the way, you'll be toast!

A Spirogrip in Keen 5

Their modus operandi is to raise themselves a short distance into the air, rotate around their eye, randomly pick a direction, then fly in that direction. This leads to them whizzing around near Keen posing a threat. They are indestructible, but will pause to grip anything they come into contact with (usually a wall) which will give Keen time to escape.

Since they only move horizontally or vertically, when encountering a spinning Spirogrip it can be avoided by standing at a 45 degree angle to it, since it will then never travel towards Keen. Spirogrip can be trapped by luring them through a gap between two platforms into a room. While they can get out of any place they can get in to, probability can make sure that they are kept out of your way.

The name "Spirogrip" may come from the root words "spiro" (to spiral, move around, rotate) and "grip" (to grab something) — an appropriate title for something that is just a rotating hand. It is not known where Spirogrip come from, or how they live. Their lack of a mouth point to them being an engineered species produced by the Shikadi.

There is only one place where Spirogrips can be found aboard the Omegamatic, the Gravitational Damping Hub.

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