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Appears inKeen 5
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatImmortal
Keen running past a Spindred in Keen 5

Spindreds are enemies found in Keen 5, aboard the Omegamatic.

They are diamond-like beings that bounce on both the floors and the ceilings. They hit a surface three times and then move to the opposite surface, hit it three times, and then come back and do the same again. The Neural Stunner is useless against them, as they cannot be destroyed.

Depending on the situation, there are three possible ways to get past a Spindred; the first, if they are on the floor they can be jumped over. If this is not possible or they are on the ceiling, they can be ducked under. If neither of these are possible, it may be possible to trap a Spindred by flicking a nearby switch.

The official help says:

Spindred slam angrily at the floor and ceiling. They'll crush you quicker than... something quick.

Spindred seem to be simply ineffective security devices, maybe manufactured by the Shikadi or brought onboard the Omegamatic from their planet. Their name may come from their constant spinning and the fact they are red (and they could be dreaded).

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