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Appears inKeen 5
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1
A Sparky in Keen 5

Sparkies are the primary defense mechanism of the Omegamatic. Whether they were built by the Shikadi or supplied with the ship from Vitacorp is unknown.

Their function appears to be to defend the Omegamatic and destroy any invaders. They are the most common creature found aboard the Omegamatic. They are sleek, grey, have two legs and a large Jacob's ladder-like arrangement on top of their heads. They have a single red eye that they can rotate around their heads.

A Sparky will wander aimlessly about until it sees something to attack. It will then emit a high pitched whine and dart toward its victim, shocking them with the electric spark on their heads. They are easily disabled with a single shot.

The official help says:

This grey guy has a magnetic personality. His presence is electrifying. You'll be shocked when you see him! Watch out when he "charges"!

Interestingly, they look very similar to the Gargs from Keen 1. Their antennas are positioned in the same place as the eye stalks on a Garg. They also act just like gargs do, charging Keen on sight. However, unlike the Gargs, Sparkies do not jump or fall from their platform.

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