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Appears inKeen 5
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat20-50
A Slicestar in Keen 5

A Slicestar is a crystalline, moving snowflake-shaped being found aboard the Omegamatic in Keen 5.

Slicestars kill Keen if touched. They often move in direct horizontal or vertical lines, but some bounce around freely. It is one of the strongest enemies in the Keen series — the ones moving preset routes take 20 shots to be destroyed, and the freely moving ones can take as many as 50. This makes them practically immortal. Most horizontal Slicestars can be ducked under as they pass.

The official help says:

The slicestar is a crystalline being with razor-sharp points. Don't get near 'em!

The name "Slicestar" is a combination of the words "slice" and "star" in reference to their mode of injury, slicing Keen, and to their shape, though this is rather more reminiscent of a snowflake. The composition and origin of these beings remains a mystery; it appears likely that, like diatoms, they are made primarily of silica (sand) secreted by something living inside it. It is also possible they are manufactured.

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Appearences In Mods

Slicestars have also appeared in Death to the Vorticons 3. However, they are only found in the first level, and behave as an immortal bouncing slicestar. Also, instead of killing Keen, they simply push him around.