Vorticon Woman

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Vorticon Woman
Vorticon Woman.png
Appears inKeen 3
Harms Keen?Not directly, yes with fireballs
Shots to defeat5
Walking speed50
A Vorticon Woman in Keen 3

Vorticon Women[1] (also known as Vorticon Moms[2] and often called Vortimoms by Commander Keen fans) are female Vorticons on Vorticon VI. They are only seen in Keen 3, even though their offspring are running wild on the Vorticon Mothership in Keen 2.

Touching them does not kill Keen, and they will block Keen's path unless he can jump over them. They move quite slowly, and will randomly stop to breathe fire in defense of their young. This is usually unwise and frequently results in the death of a Youth or Vorticon Grunt. Vorticon Women are large and tough, taking five shots to kill, not including any that are likely to be absorbed in blocking their shots.

Although they can be dangerous, their attacks have a number of flaws. Beyond the fact that they cannot kill Keen directly, their fireballs move very slowly and can be easily blocked with a shot. (It is even possible to run into them from behind, although there is not any practical reason for doing so.) Also, Vorticon Women always change the direction they are facing before they shoot, meaning that if they are facing you, they will not be able to immediately fire upon you. And the fact that they cannot jump makes their movement even more limited.

They are described in the hint sheet as follows:

They are very dangerous. They have big claws and breathe fire. You've come a long way, baby.

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