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Vorticon Youth
Vorticon Youth.png
Appears inKeen 2, Keen 3
Harms Keen?No, but stuns
Shots to defeat1
Walking speed250
A Vorticon Youth in Keen 3

Vorticon Youths (officially simply named Youths[1], often called Vortikids by Commander Keen fans) are young Vorticons found on the Vorticon Mothership and on Vorticon VI. They are very energetic, running fast and jumping high. They will stun Keen temporarily if they make contact with him, but are not old enough to be lethal. Apparently the Grand Intellect sent them into space to grow up to be powerful warriors (probably Vorticon Elite), though he has left some on Vorticon VI, which Keen encounters in Keen 3.

Lacking the claws and fire breathing ability of their elders, Youths are usually found in the presence of guardians such as Vorticon Women and Vorticon grunts. They are vulnerable, being killed by a single shot, Vorticon Women's fire or laser blasts.

Youths also play a deadly game of Jacks on Vorticon VI, whith bouncing red balls and deadly pointy floating Jacks. When not playing, Youths can be found at home or in Vorticon schools, where Vorticon Women teach them about Commander Keen and prepare them to become powerful warriors.

The hint sheet describes the Youths in Keen 2 as the following:

These young Vorticons were sent into space by the Grand Intellect to grow into fierce warriors. They like to tear around and don't much care what gets in their way. These youngsters will most likely grow up to be Vorticon Elite.

For Keen 3, the hint sheet states:

The same spoiled brats that knocked you out in the second episode. Now they play a deadly game of jacks.

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