Vorticon Elite

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Vorticon Elite
Vorticon Elite.png
Appears inKeen 2
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat3
Walking speed100/200
A Vorticon Elite in Keen 2

The Vorticon Elite are the Elite warriors of the Vorticon race. They were specially selected by the Grand Intellect to serve on the most difficult missions. They are seen aboard the Vorticon Mothership in Keen 2.

The Vorticon Elite wear blue and purple suits, and had their ears clipped to show their fealty to the Grand Intellect. They carry a Vorticon HyperPistol, and like to shoot a lot. Their pistols shoot red blasts (somewhat different from Keen's pistol), which can kill Vorticon Grunts and Youths that get shot by them. Blocking their shots is very difficult, since their shots are not fired at the same level as Keen's. They will begin running much faster and jumping much higher when Keen is in sight, compounding the danger.

They are very aggressive and difficult to kill, being the hardest enemy in Keen 2. Fortunately, there are often ways of getting around them rather than fighting them, often involving turning off the lights, which eliminates their ability to jump. They can be usually found protecting the Tantalus rays on the Mothership, and there is at least one Vorticon Elite present at each one.

The hint sheet describes them as the following:

These are Elite warriors. To show their loyalty to the Grand Intellect, they had their ears clipped. They are mean and like to shoot a lot. They wear blue and purple suits.

There are no Vorticon Elite seen on Vorticon VI in Keen 3, suggesting that either they were punished by the Grand Intellect for their failure to destroy Earth in Keen 2, or that they only serve in the most important off-planet missions, and leave the defense of their home to the VortiNinjas.

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