Vorticon Grunt (yellow)

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Vorticon Grunt (yellow)
Vorticon Grunt (yellow).png
Appears inKeen 2
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1
Walking speed90
A yellow Vorticon Grunt in Keen 2

The yellow Vorticon Grunts (officially simply named Grunts) are seen onboard the Vorticon Mothership and are identical with their red and blue counterparts, except for one interesting fact: the squares on the yellow grunts' mind-belts change between red and white. The blue Vorticon grunts are often called Vorticon Guards as they guard various components of Keen's Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket on Mars, and they are harder to kill.

Grunts in general are the basic workforce of the Vorticons, doing menial and nonspecific tasks. They are also the basic soldiers in the Vorticon army, which could earn them the "grunt" name, as in infantrymen. They are the most common type of Vorticon and are easily killed with a single shot. Closely related are the Vorticon Grunt (red).

The hint sheet states about them:

These are the Vorticons from Episode One, but they have led a more posh lifestyle, so they are weaker.

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