Vorticon Guard

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Vorticon Guard
Appears inKeen 1
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat4
Walking speed90/120

Vorticon Guards (unofficial fan-made name, simply called Vorticons in the first game) are Vorticons that Keen encounters on Mars in Keen 1.

A Vorticon Guard in Keen 1

The Vorticon Guards are at the bottom of the Vorticon social ladder and have been sent millions of light years from home to a lonely alien world. It is possible they are convicts, settlers, soldiers volunteering, or traitors of the Grand Intellect. Vorticon Guards have an outpost on Mars, and were probably sent there to prepare the way for the Vorticon Mothership's destruction of Earth, or to keep an eye on Keen.

The Vorticons on Mars steal vital parts from Keen's Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket while Keen is exploring the mountains of Mars. They take the parts and guard them. It was probably part of a plan to keep Keen stranded while the Vorticon Mothership attacked Earth.

Only three Vorticon Guards are seen in Keen 1, each of them requiring four shots to be killed, as they have lead a tough life on the outpost and thus became strong. Vorticon Guards are quite agile and can jump high. They are stronger than their yellow and red counterparts, as they have been hardened by their scout and outpost missions. On Mars, there is also a Vorticon Commander which looks similar to Vorticon Guards but is extremely strong. He is the leader of the Vorticon Guards on Mars.

In Keen 2, it is mentioned that Keen found the blueprints for the Vorticon Mothership on one of the Vorticons on Mars. It may have been one of the Vorticon Guards, or the Vorticon Commander himself.

A little-known fact is that the Vorticon Guard will run a bit faster when it sees Keen on level with itself.

The description from the hint sheet reads:

The Vorticons on Mars are members of a Mars outpost and are really on the bottom rung of the Vorticon social ladder. Being on an outpost has made them kind of tough. In the second two episodes, they are known as "Grunts."

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