Vorticon Commander

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Vorticon Commander
Appears inKeen 1
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat105
The Vorticon Commander about to face his destiny

The Vorticon Commander is the Vorticon leader of the Vorticon Guards in the Mars outpost. He can be found in the Vorticon Commander's Castle. He probably coordinates the operations to keep Keen busy on Mars while the Vorticon Mothership attacks Earth.

The Vorticon Commander resembles a Vorticon Guard in its moves and looks, but it is extremely strong, taking 105 shots to kill it if using the Raygun. However, the player is meant to drop a huge stone slab on it by shooting the rope suspending the slab above the Commander. Only one Vorticon Commander is seen in Keen 1, and it seems to be the strongest Vorticon seen in the entire Keen series.

Why this particular Vorticon is so tough is unknown, but it may simply be an immunity to the Raygun being used, or it could be attributed to his status as the leader of the Vorticon Guards. It is well known that Keen uses different rayguns through episodes 1–6, and that the Neural Stunner is used only in episodes 4–6. Therefore, it is possible that the Vorticon Commander could be easily defeated by other weapons.

In Keen 2, it is mentioned that Keen found the blueprints for the Vorticon Mothership on one of the Vorticons on Mars. It may have been one of the Vorticon Guards, or the Vorticon Commander himself.

This is one of few bosses in the Keen series, the others being the Mangling Machine and King Boobus Tuber.

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