Mangling Machine

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Keen encounters the Mangling Machine. Mortimer McMire, at the controls, is seen here for the first time.

The Mangling Machine is a huge robot that appears in the last level of Keen 3, the Castle of the Grand Intellect. Keen must destroy it to complete the game. There are two Meeps inside the machine which sing their deadly song at Keen from time to time. The robot takes seven shots to destroy; once Keen has shot the six sparks, the Mangling Machine's arms are destroyed, leaving space open for a shot at its heart. Once the machine's heart is hit, the machine is destroyed.

In the middle of the Mangling Machine, there are two pairs of "M" letters in Standard Galactic Alphabet. They may stand for "Mangling Machine", repeated twice; or maybe for "Mortimer McMire's Mangling Machine".

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