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Appears inKeen 3
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat4
Keen and an attacking VortiNinja.

VortiNinjas[1] are dangerous Vorticons only seen on Vorticon VI, in Keen 3.

VortiNinjas have been trained well in martial arts and are able to perform giant leaps. They are specially trained by the Grand Intellect to be the land-based defenses of the planet. They are considered the deadliest fighting force in the galaxy, and they take no prisoners. They can be usually found in the forts and military training centres of Vorticon VI, most notably Cape Canavorta which is likely their training facility.

VortiNinjas only move by jumping around. When out in open space, they can jump extremely high and very rapidly, making them difficult to shoot and to avoid. This however creates a notable weakness: they are vulnerable when they are in the middle of a narrow passage, as there is little vertical space to jump. Even though their movement is greatly constricted when in enclosed spaces, they can still move very rapidly. They require four shots to be killed.

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