Cape Canavorta

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Cape Canavorta
Cape Canavorta.png
GameKeen 3
Level number14
LocationVorticon VI Military Installation Island
Dimensions184 x 25 tiles
Total points47000
Total ammo8 Pistol8 ammopack <br />8 VorticonHyperPistol <br />8 SuperFlowerPower <br />8 NeuralStunner <br />8 Raygun <br /> + 41 Pistol Shots41 FlowerPower <br /> individual shots
Extra lives0
Map of Cape Canavorta

Cape Canavorta is the fourteenth level (in the official numbering) in Keen 3. It is an optional level, located in the Military Installation Island, along with Fort Vorticon, Fort Vorta Bella, Fort Vox and Fort Cavort (all of which are optional). However, it is in a special area separated from the other forts by mountains, and it can be accessed only by a teleporter (the upper-right one of the three in the Teleporter Plains on the New Vorticon Island). If the teleporter is used again after arriving to this area, it takes Keen back to the teleporter protected by Lower Vortiville in Vortiville Island.

There is another teleporter in the same area as this level, which when used takes Keen to the last island, the Grand Intellect Island. It is logical that this military base is one of the last levels before getting to the Grand Intellect; however, it is odd that it is not protecting the final teleporter, but just standing nearby.

This level appears to be the main training facility of the VortiNinjas, and the main military base of Vorticon VI. It has five distinct buildings, two of them clearly labeled in SGA as Barracks (which has a common bedroom and a bathroom) and Brig (where four Vorticon Grunts, three Meeps and one Foob(!) are being held captive). There are another two fortified buildings: one that appears to be a guard tower, and another that seems to be a storeroom or armory surrounded by a moat. There is also a big and spacious one that appears to be a training house. This level also has deadly barbed wire fences on top of most of the buildings, which are not found in any other level in the games. It appears that VortiNinjas love cakes: the only points in this level are Double Chocolate Cakes, apart from, of course, a couple of Stuffed Toy VortiNinjas.

The level is fairly linear, with Keen having to move to the right until the exit is reached. It is probably the hardest level in the game (with the possible exception of the Castle of the Grand Intellect). It contains 21 VortiNinjas, the hardest enemy in the game, and maybe in the whole Invasion of the Vorticons trilogy, not counting the unique Vorticon Commander. It is the only level where the player is in danger right after entering the level (apart from the boss level, the Castle of the Grand Intellect), and in this case, due to a nearby VortiNinja. It is also the level with the most Ankhs (three).

The name of the level is a play on Cape Canaveral, where the main NASA bases are on Earth. However, there are no space-related activities to be seen in this level.

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