Fort Cavort

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Fort Cavort
Fort Cavort.png
GameKeen 3
Level number10
LocationVorticon VI Military Installation Island
Dimensions64 x 37 tiles
Total points13600
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + 00 FlowerPower <br />0 PistolShot <br /> individual shots
Extra lives0
Map of Fort Cavort

Fort Cavort is the tenth level (in the official numbering) in Keen 3. It is an optional level, located in the Military Installation Island, in the same area as Fort Vorta Bella, Fort Vox and Fort Vorticon (all of which are optional).

Like Fort Vorticon, Fort Cavort is an underground, hidden installation. Its only entrance is a missile shaft, which contains a missile ready to be fired. The Fort is in the base of a mountain, with a waterfall providing a convenient shower for the Vorticons stationed in there. The Fort is manned by Vorticon Grunts and VortiNinjas, and oddly enough, contains a pool with Youths, just as Fort Vorticon. It is, however, much smaller than that fort.

Fort Cavort in versions 1.0 and 1.31

In order to finish the level, Keen has to collect a yellow and later a blue keycard, and avoid a couple of hazards along the way (including water and lasers), using moving platforms. In version 1.0 of Keen 3, the platform in the water in the upper left area is too small, making the yellow keycard inaccessible. Fortunately, due to a peculiar bug in the game, it is possible to "jump" through the yellow door in this level.

This level contains a very useful Ankh. Unfortunately, it is near the end of the level, so it is only useful against the last two VortiNinjas.

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