Keen 3 Hazards

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This is a list of all the hazards in Keen 3. A hazard is something that damages Keen, but is not a creature.

Barbed Wire Fence.png
Barbed Wire Fence
Fences made of barbed wire that protect Vorticon military installations
Nuclear Waste Barrel.png
Nuclear Waste Barrel
Barrels full of dangerous radioactive chemicals, found mostly in military installations, where we can find nuclear warheads too
Lethal pointy toys that bounce around, used by the Youths for their game of Jacks
Jack Ball.png
Jack Ball
A non-lethal ball that bounces around, also used in the game of Jacks
Laser (Keen 3 Hazard).png
Regular red-coloured lasers that shoot dangerous beams of energy and kill Keen instantaneously
Fixed Pistol (Keen 3 Hazard).png
Fixed Pistol
Pistols that shoot red beams and cannot be collected
Moving Spike.png
Laser-shooting Moving Spike
Similar to the moving spikes (see below) only it shoots laser beams as well
Laser Lamp.png
Laser-shooting Lamp
A harmless-looking light fixture that shoots lasers
Miniature Volcano.png
Miniature Volcano
Small volcanoes that erupt on Vorticon VI's surface, dangerous only if stepped upon
Moving Spikes.png
Moving Spikes
Sharp mechanical spikes, probably used as a defense measure in certain sections. They don't kill Keen if he pogos on them.
Sharp rocks that can cut Keen to death
Sharp rocks that can cut Keen to death
Stranded Fish.png
Stranded Fish
Fish that are stranded and kill Keen
Chilling water that will drown, freeze and kill Keen if he touches it