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Appears inKeen 3
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeat1
Walking speed50/250
A Foob in Keen 3

Foobs (possibly derived from phobia) are small organisms found on Vorticon VI; they are very shy and scared of everything, and with good reason: they are easily harmed via contact with larger organisms, so much so that even a sneeze is lethal to them. When harmed, a Foob will grow tense and explode. They have short, stubby legs and arms, but can run very quickly, emitting a warning cry whenever they spot something dangerous.

The biggest concentration of Foobs can be found in the Hidden City, where there are twenty Foobs strolling inside or around the caves. The second biggest concentration of Foobs can be found in the Caves of Oblivion, where ten Foobs live. This may indicate that Foobs, being shy, prefer underground dwellings such as caves, to be away of everything and feel less scared.

The hint sheet describes them as the following:

These little yellow creatures like to go out for strolls, whistling, and enjoy the day. Unfortunately, they are completely afraid of almost everything. If you touch them, they will grow so tense that they will pop.

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