Shikadi Overlord

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Shikadi Overlord
Shikadi Overlord.png
Appears inKeen GBC
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat4E, 5M, or 6H

The Shikadi Overlord is the leader of the Shikadi. He is deep orange in colour, unlike his electric blue comrades, suggesting he is of lower energy. He also seems to be more solid, being opaque and able to lift heavy objects. It is most likely that he is an engineered creature, like the Droidican Emperor; except it is more probable that Mortimer McMire created him rather than the Droidiccus. The precise function and role of the Overlord is a mystery - he may be a puppet leader, like the Vorticon King under the Grand Intellect or a weapon, like the Moon Assault Overlord in Duke Nukem 3D. He appears to control the Shikadi Spacecraft and his title suggests some control over the Shikadi, who are nevertheless loyal to Mortimer.

The game manual describes the Shikadi Overlord as follows:

This Boss is very simple to defeat, in theory. It's a straight fight—your Neural Ray Blaster against his rather powerful homing rockets. But the odds are in his favor because he only has to hit you once but you must shoot him many times. To make matters worse, has a personal teleporter, so watch your back!

The Shikadi Overlord is one of three Bosses in Keen GBC. Defeat him and you receive a Plasma Crystal.