Vorticon Elder

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Vorticon Elder
Vorticon Elder.png
Appears inKeen 2
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeatImmortal
A Vorticon Elder in Keen 2

The Vorticon Elders, of which only two are known to be alive, are the oldest of the Vorticon, and posses vast knowledge of their race and of the time before The Grand Intellect. They are apparently prisoners of the Grand Intellect on the Vorticon Mothership in Keen 2. It could be that they are sent aboard the Mothership in order to help with their knowledge in the most difficult missions.

They are held within "stasis fields", so they cannot escape, though they can talk to anyone who steps on the field's communication pad. To prevent unwanted communication, the pad will only activate once for any particular person.

The Elders tell Keen that Vorticon will not jump in the dark, and also beg him not to kill them as they are mentally enslaved by the Grand Intellect. It is not known what happens to them when Keen cripples the mothership, but they are never seen again...

They are described in the hint sheet as follows:

Wise Elders are kept in stasis in the living quarters of the ship. They are from the Before Time─before the Grand Intellect.

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