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Appears inKeen GBC
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatN/A

This makes the Robo-Bloog different from his normal Bloog compatriots, in that he is rather intelligent and at first puts up quite a sophisticated defense. As he begins to overcharge and overheat however, he becomes more unpredictable, finally exploding in a ball of flame. If you manage to defeat Robo-Bloog, you will get a Plasma Crystal.

The game manual describes them as the following:

A Robo-Bloog is essentially a Cyborg Bloog. It's a Bloog with the mind of ten super-computers and the body of...well, 10 super-computers.

The Robo Bloog can fire a huge ball of energy. If either the Robo-Bloog or the energy ball hits Commander Keen, that's it. Unfortunately, every time the Robo-Bloog recharges his energy ball he adds one more shot to his attack. For example, after his second recharge, he'll have two energy balls. After the third recharge, he will have three energy balls, etc. The more overcharged Robo-Bloog becomes, the more erratic his behavior is. It'll be hard to time your attacks!