Pat Pat

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Pat Pat
Pat Pat.png
Appears inKeen 1
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatImmortal

The Pat Pat is one of only two tile based creatures to be given a name, the other being the Stranded Fish in Keen 3. It frequently appears in Keen 1, usually in little groups. One cannot be certain if it is a plant similar to a Venus Fly Trap or an animal similar to a mussel. Technically it is not a creature but a tile-based hazard which cannot move from the spot where it sits, and this argues for the identification as a plant. However, it should not be forgotten that the biology of Mars is very different from that of the Earth, so it may be neither of the two.

It is not known where the name "Pat Pat" originated from, possibly due to the creature's opening and closing its mouth.

The creature appears to have more animal characteristics than plant: it is not green, moves rapidly, even without prey and has a tongue. This is not a positive diagnosis however. Pat Pats do not like the cold, and are almost absent near the Mars polar caps. They also dislike darkness.

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