Keen 1 Hazards

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This is a list of all the hazards in Keen 1. A hazard is something that damages Keen, but is not a creature.

Pat Pat.png
Pat Pat
A creature that opens and closes its "mouth" trying to chomp Keen if he comes too close. Similar to a Venus Fly Trap.
Dangling shards of ice that kill Keen.
Water Keen1.png
Ice-cold water that freezes Keen to death.
Fire Keen1.png
Flames that kill Keen on touch. Yorps and Gargs seem to be unharmed by fire.
Spike Plants.png
Spike Plants
Pointy carnivorous plants found on holes, that eat Keen should he fall.
Strangling Vines.png
Strangling Vines
Carnivorous plants that hang from ceilings, waiting to catch a prey and devour it.
Ice Cannon.png
Ice Cannon
While this doesn't cause any damage itself, it does temporarily freeze Keen and expose him to danger!