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Appears inKeen GBC
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1

Badoing are unique amongest the enemies Keen faces, in that they originate from an entirely separate galaxy. Kidnapped by the Shikadi for unknown purposes (probably as use as security), they are seen in Keen GBC and are found hiding under the floor panels of the Shikadi Spacecraft waiting to pop out at intruders.

Badoing — named of course for a noise emitted when something springs out — are carnivores, feeding off of creatures that venture too close to their holes, first paralyzing them with venom, then dragging the body into their lairs to eat. They are capable of extending their bodies six feet out of their holes in mere seconds, via a snaplock mechanism in their tails.

The Keen GBC manual describes the Badoing as follows:

The Shikadi kidnapped these mutant worms from a far away galaxy for reasons unknown. The Badoings mostly hide in the floor panels of the Shikadi mother ship, waiting to surprise any unsuspecting visitors