Tank Robot

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Tank Robot
Tank Robot.png
Appears inKeen 1
Harms Keen?Not directly, Yes with laser
Shots to defeatImmortal
Walking speed90
A Tank Robot in Keen 1

The Tank Robots are robots found on Mars. They live up to their name, running around on track tracks and being heavily armored. They are indestructible and will fire shots at Keen whenever he is near. They were probably manufactured by the Gargs and thus show both their technical prowess and attitude, being both incredibly violent, and very simple, most of their behavior being random. They are commonly used to guard important places.

Their main weapon is an infrared laser of somewhat lower energy then the Raygun Keen finds on Mars; the shots can be stopped when Keen shoots at them. As well as shooting Keen, they can also push him around, like Butler Robots.

The hint sheet says about them:

These robots exist to kill any intruders. Even friendly ones.

November Beta Version

In the November Beta Version, sometimes the Tank Robots fall off cliffs.

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