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Initial Developer
Initial release
Latest update2007-03-13
Development statusFinished
PlatformDOS, Linux Port
Tool TypeGraphics Editor
Discussion(s)PCKF: DOS version, Linux port
Keen: Modding: Linux port
DownloadFin2Bmp newest
(Source Code included), Mirror,
Fin2Bmp Linux Port
(needs to be compiled), Mirror

Fin2Bmp is a console-based format converter for the Keen 1–3 ending sequence screen, written by Andrew Durdin in 2002 for the DOS 32-bit Protected Mode programming Interface (DPMI). It imports and exports the 320x200 pixels ending sequence screen from and to the Windows Bitmap (BMP) format. Its source code was released under an unspecified license.

A Linux-based port was released by Shadow Master on 2007-03-13 (one day before Keen Day), and it was later merged into LModKeen II.


Fin2Bmp is a very simple program that allows you to change the picture in any of the finale.ckx files or preview1.ck1 or preview2.ck1.


To get things started open up a CMP prompt. Navigate to your Fin2Bmp folder directory.

cd folder\subfolder

To export graphics, type:

Fin2Bmp –b finale.ckx output.bmp

To import graphics, type:

Fin2Bmp –f finale.ckx input.bmp
  • Note: X is the episode number of the original Keen game you want to edit.
  • Note: There’s one problem with this program. When message boxes that are over your bitmap disappear during the finale, they’ll leave blank space where they were, unlike the original endings. One needs just have to plan ahead for that for eg. use patching to determine what color the blank space will be.