Armageddon 2: Pluto Burns

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Armageddon 2: Pluto Burns
Armageddon TitleImage.png
Armageddon Ingame1.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Latest update2011-03-14
Discussion(s)PCKF (Super Turbo)
Keen: Modding (demos)
Number of levels17
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?Yes
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Armageddon 2: Pluto Burns is a Keen 1 mod released by Najawa. It is the first of three parts of a planned triology. However, even the first episode wasn't finished by the original author. More than five years after the last demo version, Tulip released a complete mod.
In this mod, Keen travels to the planet Pluto, that is set burning by some Shikadi. He has to stop them in order to save the planet and its inhabitants.

Technical Information

  • Graphics: The graphics were partly redrawn, partly recoloured and partly unchanged.
  • Levels: 17 (Super Turbo)/8 (demo) levels with an icy atmosphere


In this episode, Keen decides to explore Pluto. Keen wants to find some proof that Pluto is not a planet, but a stray moon from Jupiter. While on the planet, keen befriends one of the locals; a plYorp (A Plutarian breed of Yorps). The plYorp despertly tries to get keen to follow him. Keen finnally follows, and is awstruck by what he is show:

Pluto Was Ablaze!

Keen, still shock, and have compleatly forgotton about his little project, tried to figure out what had set the fire. There was not sufficient oxygen to allow for a fire; something was causing oxygen to enter pluto atmosphere. The plYorp took keen back to his ship, and showed him a city: Keen went to the city, and found a firey breed of Shikadi walking around, setting fire to all the ice and rocks. When they had melted the ice, they pulled up the metal-rich rocks from the ground, and carryed them to their ships. Then, they'd hammer the metal into sheet metal, and would make ship parts. Keen slid over, and took a brief look at the blueprints. With what Shikadian he knew, he read the blue and discovered something which made his heart stop:

"Armaggedon II - Solar Demolition Project"

Keen had just discovered an attemp to destroy the universe. In the main blueprint, he saw how the sun's explosion would cause a chain reaction, which would, in turn, obliterate the universe. Keen had to stop them.

Keen was given a P-87, a super compact water pistol which was popular amoung plYorps and froze on contact, and an anti slip pogo for use on icy terrian.

His Mission:

Keen must find, and capture 4 Oxigen Genorators, and stop this opporation cold. If he fails; The Universe is Toast. The heat is on!


  • Shooting was mapped to the space bar in this mod.
  • All cheats are disabled.

Super Turbo Version

For Keen Day 2011 Tulip released a finished version of the mod under the title Super Armageddon 2 Turbo. All levels made by Najawa for the demo remain in the full version, but have been edited by Tulip. The rest of the levels were made by Tulip and Mink, advanced patching was done by Lemm.

The Super Turbo version also has music composed by Tulip, KosmynC64 and The Hacker Cat.

Release History / Downloads