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Benvolio, a modder located in the Republic of Ireland, has been in the modding community since September 2004. He uses Andrew Durdin's Modding Forum, and also has membership on PCKF. He has played Commander Keen since late 2000, edited levels since 2001 and modded since 2003. He announced his existence through releasing three simultaneous mods in 2004. Since late 2005 his modding rate of releases has declined, but projects are still in progress, albeit slowly, despite rumors of his retirement. Benvolio has produced the second largest number of mods per person in the entire community, (Levellord taking the record.) But this may change...


The 'Revenge of the Shikadi' trilogy:

The Adventures of Bunny Basher, 2004, Keen1

Thwarting Mort, 2005, Keen1

Levellord and Benvolio's Christmas Special, 2005, Keen1 (collaboration with Levellord)

Torgopolis, 2005, Keen4

Musical Keen, 2005, Keen1

A Sham on Inishmort, 2005, Keen1

Halloween Horrors, 2005, Keen1 (collaboration with Levellord)

Bunny Basher 2, 2005, Keen1

Benvolio's Fun-Pack 2011 contains the following three episodes:

Gestrand op de Rode Planeet, 2013, Keen1

The earth implodes, 2020, Keen1

Aarrgggh the Garg in: New Yorp City, 2021, Keen1

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