Benvolio's Fun-Pack 2011

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Benvolio's Fun-Pack 2011 is a zip file released by Benvolio on 31 October 2011. It consists of three Keen 1 mods.

These three mods are all incomplete projects. All were started by Benvolio in 2005, during the time period between the production of A Sham on Inishmort and the release of Bunny Basher 2. Benvolio's rate of work on mods declined sharply in early 2006 (partly due to purchasing Age of Empires II Gold edition and partly due to moving from a rural to an urban setting where there were, frankly, more distractions). By the start of 2006 Highway Blues and Earl Pedro had been completely abandoned. Very sporadic work continued on the Psychedelic Mod into early 2007 but due to the emphasis being on quality (uncharacteristically for Benvolio) rather than quantity, the project lost momentum.

Thus all three were released to the general public in a 'fun pack' in 2011, packaged together in a zip file. They generated some momentary amusement at what were, undoubtedly, three unprecedent visual/gameplay styles for the modding world. None of them, however, were in a sufficiently complete state to provide an enduringly immersive gameplay, and the future of Benvolio's modding career was called into question.

However, he has modded since...

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